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Curving Cedars at Rockwood
Jellyfish, Georgian Bay bedrock
Redwood, Georgian Bay bedrock
Pothole Trail Curves, Rockwood
Pothole Trail Inlet, Rockwood
St. George’s Church, Guelph
Balzac’s Morning after pre-Christmas ice storm, Guelph
Angel’s, Guelph
Walrus Whiskers, ice Smokey Hollow Falls
The Fleet at the Boathouse, Guelph
Ice Cave People, Rockwood
Falls on the Bruce Trail
Cedar Embracing Bedrock, Rockwood
Cedar Octopus, Rockwood
Cedar Roots, Bruce Trail
Lichen Constellation, Jubilee Island, Georgian Bay
Bathing Rocks near Pointe au Baril
Red Lichen Cave, Jubilee Island, Georgian Bay
Chateau Frontenac Looming over the Old City, Quebec

Pocked Limestone Pavement, Whisky Harbour, Bruce Peninsula
Father Christmas Apple Dolls, Quebec City
Brantco Roller